Racingline Cup Edition 8.5J x 18inch Alloy Wheels

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These VWR Cup Edition alloy wheels have been developed exclusively with Team Dynamics from the exact same family of rims used in every car in the Volkswagen Racing Cup and British Touring Car Championship. The result is a a track-orientated wheel that's both light and ultra-strong, perfect for customers who want a true 'no nonsense' wheel for safe track-day or street use.

These 8.5 x 18" wheels come with an offset of ET45, ensuring the perfect fitment under the arches of VWG models on MQB, MQB EVO and A5 platforms with 5x112 PCD. The choice of 18" rim is ideal for track use, allowing a higher sidewall, squarer tyre fitment with risk of excessive rubbing under the sort of suspension compressions experience on-track.

They're finished in a stunning hard-wearing satin gunmetal grey, complete with RacingLine centre cap. As with all of our alloy wheels, they're produced to the highest standards, developed and manufactured in the EU to meet and exceed OEM standards.
The motorsport pedigree of these wheels means that they share their load rating of 750kg per wheel with the racecars, making them exceptionally strong yet weighing in at just 11kg (24.2lbs) per wheel.

To cope with repeated, harsh track use, it's essential for the rim to have this sort of strength engineered-in from the start. Just imagine the 'spike loads' running through a wheel hitting circuit kerbing (such as sausage kerbs) through a corner at speed - these Cup Edition alloys can take that punishment again and again!

For single wheels please enquire directly.