How Long will it take for my item(s) to arrive?


Unless otherwise stated on the listing, the lead time is dependent on the stock levels our suppliers or distributors have at the time. The majority of our items offered are kept on the shelfs, but if it’s not we will advise of the lead time. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.


My credit/debit card was declined when I placed an order but my money has left my account, what’s happened?


The vast majority of the time this will be when the address you entered does not perfectly match the billing address your card issuer has on their records. We use one of the world’s leading payment authorisation companies to process your order through our website and for your protection our website will decline any orders that do not match. If your card is declined, we will not accept/receive the money and the funds are "held" by your bank for up to 5 business days, after this time the funds should be released and available in your account again. Please understand CarPerformance.Online T/A EBR Developments does not take or receive any money from a declined purchase and there is nothing we can do to resolve or speed up the process of your held funds and can only advise contacting your bank so please take time in entering your details correctly.


Do you price match?


If you can provide evidence of a like for like price advertised on the internet from another UK performance parts supplier, this does not include auction sites or overseas suppliers, we will attempt to price match wherever possible.


Can I pay through PayPal?


Yes, you can check out via PayPal.


Do you provide a fitting/tuning service?


Unfortunately, we do not offer a fitting or tuning service at this time. We can however refer you to a local tuning shop to assist.


Do you do Group buys?


Yes, we do please contact us with details and we will be happy to supply a quote.


Will you sponsor my car?


We do offer sponsorship in some cases, please email us at info@carperformance.online with your proposal and should we see mutual benefit we are happy to offer reduced cost parts.


Do you supply parts overseas?


At the moment we do not offer this.


My parts don’t look like how I expected?


We have made every effort to provide complete and wholly accurate product information but some images may not be of the actual product and you are advised to treat all images as for illustration purposes only. For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.


Can you ship to this address on this precise date and time/my shipment hasn’t arrived?


Unfortunately, we cannot give precise dispatch dates or shipment dates as the order fulfillment is completed by our suppliers or partners. We always do our best to keep you informed of the movements or progress on your order. We urge you however to not book your car in for work until you have the goods in your possession and they have been checked.


I am having trouble fitting a part, how do you fit this?


CarPerformance.Online T/A EBR Developments staff are car enthusiasts and do have knowledge of a lot of the parts sold but please bear in mind we are not mechanics or tuners. We urge you to take any part supplied by us to a specialist for professional installation; Incorrect DIY installation of some products supplied by us can result in serious malfunction, or worse, and may not be covered by the supplier’s warranty. Please leave it to the professionals. See below for recommended fitters/tuners. Some parts supplied may throw up engine lights and/or errors, this may require ECU resets.


My part has become defective can you replace it?


Please see out terms and conditions page, the warranty/guarantee is set by the manufacturer – Your contact of purchase is with ourselves. Please contact us and provide as much information as possible regarding to your order, your vehicle and the failure (images and part IDs too). We will then provide this to the parts manufacture for their feedback and/or to process the claim.


What are the exact product specifications (DB level, HP increase etc)?


We are the parts reseller, so any information regarding specifications we have is sourced directly from the parts supplier. For further information on the parts in question, please contact us and we can liaise with the supplier on your behalf.


Why have I received an invoice from UK customs?


If you receive an invoice for UK VAT or Duty then please contact us immediately as there has been an administration error by our courier, if possible, please scan and email the invoice to us and we will take care of it immediately. Do not pay the invoice.


Can I return an item?


Please see our Returns Policy.