ITG Maxogen Induction Kit for Renault Twingo RS 133 (MK2)

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ITG Maxogen Induction Kit for Renault Twingo RS 133 (MK2)

This Maxogen Induction System improves the Twingo 133's airflow characteristics in multiple ways. The front duct/bracket ensures cold air is funneled from the cutouts in the front bodywork, into a TriFoam Conical air filter housed inside a quality aluminium airbox. A secondary function to the duct/bracket, is that it has been designed to shield ambient heat caused by the radiator, to further reduce intake temperatures that may compromise intake efficiency.

The kit removes all standard OE pipework and ducting including the takeoff to the resonator.

You can also expect enhanced induction sound, which remains unobtrusive at low rpm's and cruising speeds. Throttle response across the rev range is also vastly increased compared to the restrictive standard airbox setup.

Replacement Filter Part No: ARAB65/67F