Akrapovic Link Pipe Set with Sports Cats (SS) for Porsche 911 Turbo & Turbo S (992, GPF)

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Akrapovic Link Pipe Set with Sports Cats (SS) for Porsche 911 Turbo & Turbo S (992, GPF). Suits 2020 onwards.

Developed and tested in combination with the Slip-On Race (Titanium) exhaust, this product was designed to upgrade the Akrapovič system for further tuning. The link pipe set has an instant sharpness and depth that is delivered from the moment the engine is started. Pure sound is achieved with specially developed link pipes incorporating high-flow performance 200 CPSI catalytic converters, eliminating OPFs/GPFs. Driving at a low RPM fills the senses with a deep and raw iconic flat-six rumble, and the powerful mid-range provides a rich, strong, and high-frequency acoustic sensation at high revs, ideally suited for fast upshifts to experience the thrilling acoustics in the next higher gear, while downshifts are accompanied by sharp, race-inspired burbles. Developed for use on closed-course competition circuits, comfort within the cockpit is retained throughout the rev range, with no drone or unwanted flow noise. Power and torque delivery are greatly increased, with gains of +25.2 kW (34.2 hp) of power and +74.9 Nm torque at 3,200 rpm recorded in back-to-back runs on the Akrapovič dyno against a Porsche 911 Turbo (992) using a Porsche stock sports exhaust system. The increased torque curve offers a perfect response from low down engine speed. This exhaust system is not EC/ECE type approved. ECU tuning is mandatory due to elimination of OPF/GPF. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT MEET EMISSION COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR STREET OR HIGHWAY USE.

Akrapovič is a manufacturer of premium exhaust systems for motorcycles and performance cars. It is renowned around the globe as a very innovative high-tech company that uses advanced technology and high-quality materials in exhaust system design. Akrapovič exhaust systems excel in improved performance, their unmistakable sound, innovative design, light construction, craftsmanship, and durability.