Akrapovic Downpipe/Link Pipe Set with Sports Cats (SS) for Audi RSQ8 (4M, GPF)

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Akrapovic Downpipe/Link Pipe Set with Sports Cats (SS) for Audi RSQ8 (4M, GPF). Suits 2020 onwards. This product removes the GPF. This product requires an ECU tune.

Downpipe / Link pipe set (SS) was tested and developed must be mounted together with Evolution Line (Titanium) system.

This is an optional part as an upgrade to the Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust for further tuning. The downpipes are high-quality stainless steel, containing sporty 200 cpsi catalytic converters, insulated to prevent overheating any parts around them. The stainless-steel link pipes have custom-made flex tubes, with insulation where they connect to the downpipes. When fitted with the Evolution Line (Titanium), the entire configuration offers a unique acoustic experience. It is perfectly tuned by the sound engineers to produce pure V8 aural performance because the two areas of the exhaust work in harmony to create a high-frequency racing tone in the upper rev range and a deep and torquey V8 rumble in lower revs, with the comfort mode retained for those more sedate moments.

For OPF: When fitting this optional extra, ECE type approval for Evolution Line (Titanium) exhaust system is not valid and remapping the ECU is mandatory.

FITMENT NOTICE: Optional downpipe does not fit on vehicle with equipment 5C1


Akrapovič is a manufacturer of premium exhaust systems for motorcycles and performance cars. It is renowned around the globe as a very innovative high-tech company that uses advanced technology and high-quality materials in exhaust system design. Akrapovič exhaust systems excel in improved performance, their unmistakable sound, innovative design, light construction, craftsmanship, and durability.