Project: Drive June 2024 Pyrenees Road Trip

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This is the full booking payment. Once paid, you will be on the rally. Book by May 6th.

Book now for June 2024's trip to the Pyrenees. Check out our sister company Project: Drive here: 

This trip is based on 2 people per car, and 2 people per hotel room. The price is £1050 per person.

All cars are welcome, anything for £1000 hatchback to a supercar can join us. The adventure; roads, views & people make the trip what it is, the cars just let that happen. We do however recommend that if you can, use a car of sporting nature, to maximise your enjoyment.

This isn't a race or guided event, so there's no award for arriving first or early, you'll simply get less enjoyment of the roads were going there for enjoy. This is a navigational road trip, with suggested routes & end location, you don't have to follow the route we provide of course, but we have selected this based on what we think are the best roads in the area, and they best way to enjoy them. Our staff and support cars drive the same route at the same time you do. 

This trip is approxmiately 2500 miles from start to finish, and there is no scheduled night driving. We aim to give lots of time each day for relaxing and socalising as well as driving, to keep things balanced; we have no deadlines or time constraints either. Go at your own pace.

This trip sees you leave the UK bound for the French-Spanish border and their mountain range the Pyrenees, with a breif visit to Andorra. Along route we stay in Barcelona & Pau. 

Leaving on June 22nd and returning on the 29th, this is a round trip, and includes your Eurotunnel booking to and from the UK. Book by the 6th of May. Limited to 15 cars spaces are filling it up fast. 

Contact CarPerformance.Online or Project: Drive for more info. Please see Project: Drive T&Cs before booking.